As you can see from the map on the right Hotel One, Hong Kong is conveniently located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

We are right next door to Jordan MTR (subway) station, and only two stops away from the central business district on Hong Kong Island.

We are within walking distance of the Star Ferry, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Station (for travelling to China and the New Territories) and China Hong Kong City Ferry Terminal (where the Macau and China ferries are located).


After the Customs check, now you are in the Meeters & Greeters (Arrival) Hall, in the midway between Exit Gate A and Exit Gate B, just opposite to the McDonald fast food shop.
1) By Railway :

Tel: 2261 0522; 2881 8888) :
Take the Airport Express Line, a high-speed airport subway (first train at 05:50, last train at 00:40)

Go to the 'Train Tickets' kiosk counter, single-journey ticket at HK$90.00 each or round trip at HK$160 each, valid for 1 month, credit card acceptable, frequency 10 minutes, journey time 20 minutes, alight in Kowloon Station, the 2nd stop en route, then


t ake a taxi-cab, about HK$25.00 (flag-fall HK$18.00) plus luggage charge @ HK$5.00 each, journey time 3 minutes

You are right at the entrance of our building.



take the free-of-charge shuttle bus - Kl (blue in color), first bus at 06:05, last bus at 23:00, frequency 20 minutes, journey time 3 minutes; alight at the 1st stop, Tak Sun School (in Chinese 德信學校), Nos.l03-105 of Austin Road;

We are at the next street.

2) By Airbus - take the Cityflyer bus : Cityflyer) (Tel.: 2873 0818)

Go to the Citybus kiosk counter B10 to buy the ticket, or pay the exact fare in Hong Kong dollars in the fare box on the bus, then walk to the Ground
Transportation Centre (on your right hand side).

a) No. A21 -

(terminus at Kowloon-Canton Railway, KCR Station), first bus at 06:00 while last bus at 24:00, frequency 10 minutes, single journey at HK$33.00 each, round trip at HK$55.00, journey time 30 minutes. Listen to the broadcast and watch the signboard in the airbus, alight at the bus-stop ** named 11. Prudential Hotel, Shamrock Hotel, BPI, Jordan MTR Station, (230 Nathan Road), then walk through the shopping mall.

** Please note :
(1) In the bus broadcast, it is announced as the " Prudential Hotel, Shamrock Hotel, BPI, Jordan MTR Station "
(2) In the bus stop map, it is numbered as the 11th bus stop (HK Int'l Airport is counted as the 1st bus stop; sometimes the bus will not stop at every bus-stop, so be careful!!)

( Please click here for details of bus stops from the Airport )

b) No. N21 - (terminus at Tsimshatsui Star Ferry Pier), midnight service only from 00:20 midnight till 05:00 dawn, fare HK$23.00, frequency 20 minutes, journey time 35 minutes, alight in Nathan Road, Jordan, at Prudential Hotel/Shopping Center.

3) By Taxi-cab (take those in RED color only) :

Take a taxi-cab, maximum 5 passengers, at normal traffic condition, fare HK$280.00 plus luggage charge @ HK$5.00 each, about 25 minutes.

4) By Airport Railway & Urban MTR :

Take the train of Airport Express Line to Tsing Yi Station, just one stop, single fare HK$40, therefrom change to Tung Chung Line to Lai King Station, just one stop also, and then change to the urban Tsuen Wan Line, straight to Jordan Station, altogether 8 stops (watch the stops and lines map in every compartment), single fare HK$9. Then at Jordan Station, look for exit 'E', take the escalator of Prudential shopping mall up to the Upper Ground level, there is an exit to our street, Tak Hing Street.
(If you carry not more than one luggage, don't mind in a packed compartment, sometimes like sardines and have to squeeze your way out, try this.)

5) By Airport Shuttle Services Limited :

(Tel. 2262 1888; 2261 2918)

Go to the kiosk counter A16 of arrival hall A or B16 of arrival hall B, inform the staff of our property name, pre-arrangement from us is required; fare at HK$120.00; departure at the beginning of every hour and half hour; drop off outside Prudential Hotel, then look for Tak Hing Street and walk about 20 yards.

That is our building.

6) By Vigor/DCH Airport Limousine Service :

(Tel. 2262 1888; 2261 2918; 2186 6883)

Go to kiosk counter B13; in quoting our name, for 4 passengers to our place, by Benz E class/Acura 3.5RL/Audi A6 at HK$380.00 nett, or by Benz S class at HK$430.00 nett, inclusive of applicable tunnel & bridge tolls, driver service tips and luggage handling charges, payable in cash or by credit card to the counter staff.

NOTE : (A) . Please print out our address in English and Chinese from FAQ and show it to the taxi or airbus driver, in case of need, for the right spot of alighting.
(B) . You are greatly appreciated to call us by using the toll-free courtesy telephone of the New World Telephone just outside the Customs area of the Airport.


1) By Railway :Tel: 2740 5422
Take the Airport Express Line of Kowloon Station at the end of Jordan Road, first train at 05:53, last train at 00:51, ticket at HK$90 each or use the round trip ticket bought, frequency 10 minutes, journey time 20 minutes.
(a) on foot; on the right hand side of our building, along Jordan Road on your left, 20 minutes, or
(b) by taxi; just outside our building, 3 minutes, HK$20.00 (flag-fall HK$15.00) + luggage @ HK$5.00 each, or


**Kowloon Station provides free in-town departure Check-In Services with check-in counters from all major airlines.**

Note: Please print out and show this Chinese address of Kowloon Station to the taxi-cab driver.

2) By Airbus (take the Cityflyer bus) :

Tel: 2873 0818

  a) No.A21 - go to the other side of Nathan Road, outside Tsimshatsui Police Station at Kowloon Park, fare HK$33.00 each, frequency 10 minutes, journey time 35 minutes.
b) No.A22 - turn right at the corner of this street and Jordan Road, outside a small church called Kowloon Union Church of No.4 Jordan Road, 05:30 - 24:00, HK$39.00, frequency 15-25 minutes, journey time 35 minutes.
OR take No. E23 / E23P, only HK$14.00, frequency 10-20 minutes, but the journey time is 1 hour.
c) No. N21 - mid-night service only, 00:10 - 05:10; go to the other side of Nathan Road, outside Tsimshatsui Police Station at Kowloon Park, HK$23.00, frequency 20 minutes, journey time 35 minutes.

3) By Taxi

Take a taxi just outside of this building, maximum 5 passengers, at normal traffic HK$280.00 plus luggage charge @ HK$5.00 each, 30 minutes.

4) By DCH Airport Limousine Service

(Tel.: 2262 1888 or 2261 2918)

Executive hour special rate to Airport only (10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.) for 4 passengers, at HK$310.00 nett by Acura 3.5RL/Audi A6/Benz E class, or at HK$360.00 nett by Benz S class, inclusive of applicable tunnel & bridge tolls, driver service tips and luggage handling charges.


5) By Shuttle Bus or Benz Services from Prudential Hotel :

Shuttle Bus at HKD80.00 each, 5:25 a.m. - 9:25 p.m., at 25 minutes of every hour, booking and payment in advance. Benz for 4 passengers at HK$350.00 or for 5-7 passengers at HK$450.00, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. inclusive of applicable tunnel & bridge tolls only.


(A) Meeters & Greeters (Arrival) Hall

(B) Jordan Vicinity Map



Address: 7-8 Tak Hing Street, Knight Garden Flat A 2/F, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong      

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